Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. Since JetSmarter's launch in 2013, the company has focused on making the booking process as easy as possible — JetSmarter is often compared with Uber for how easy it is to book — and democratizing private aviation by making it more affordable and accessible.
Before launching JetSmarter, Petrossov, who was named as one of Forbes' 30-under-30 and one of South Florida's Top Working Professionals, co-founded two IT projects: an online chat system for website customer service and a distance-learning platform for Russian-speaking educational institutions.

Unique services offered by JetSmarter include the option of booking free seats on scheduled shuttle routes or creating shuttles between certain cities, free flights to new destinations daily from members' favorite cities and real-time private jet booking with guaranteed availability in more than 170 countries.
Customers pay an annual fee of $15,000 (£11,547; 13,127 euros), which includes access to some flights free of further charges; for an additional cost they can also arrange flights themselves, and in some cases share the cost of these with other members.

JetSmarter aggregates prices and availability from hundreds of aviation companies and sells flights in three ways: as a regular charter service, which lets passengers customize their trip based on destination and aircraft, a deals option in which one-way flights are free for members (who pay $9,000 a year) and at highly discounted rates for all app users, and the JetShuttle service which allows travelers to book a single seat on already scheduled flights.
While Petrossov says membership fees for JetSmarter aren't protected, and the company doesn't offer jet card type products, he said some customers do want to put money into an account to use for future travel and JetSmarter will arrange to escrow those funds.
Petrossov recalls how in 2009, he tried to book a private jet for himself and his friends, and then came face-to-face with a long, archaic process that involved a lot of paperwork, middlemen who were simply keen on making larger margins for themselves, and not a lot of transparency.

The ideal created by Sergey Petrossov and team evolved into a concept that delivers a solution for existing travelers and those who fly commercial routes but Sergey Petrossov want added flexibility. Back in the early days, a JetSmarter membership also included free helicopter service to its airports and catering on the flights.
Finally, his interest in travel, computer science, and technology makes him come up with more discoveries in the business, transport, and technology industry. One of the benefits to travel by private jet is skipping the hassle of TSA. They built the first beta-version of the JetSmarter App in August 2012, which was used by a closed group of people.

JetSmarter's goal is also to utilize those passenger-free flight hours and fill them. JetSmarter lets travelers reserve seats on existing flights, create on-demand shared and private flights to anywhere on the planet, and book seats on last-minute empty-leg deals.
The company has a variety of offerings; however, the main reason people book is easy to access to shuttles. Besides, Mr. Petrossov worked at a private jet operator situated in South Florida as a board advisor. By March 2013, JetSmarter officially launched and offered over 3,000 planes that could be booked within minutes.

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