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We have the best Smartphone and Tablet Repair Service Center in RandwickSurry Hills, Parramatta, Newtown, Summer Hill areas, Paddington, Jamisontown, Cronulla, and Glebe. Discover our newly launched Fone King Online Store packed full of exciting products for your mobile devices. That was quick, only 15 mins and my laptop screen is new again… and on a Sunday evening too … very impressed. Call us on or email us you have any questions, or wish to arrange an appointment to have your laptop screen replaced.
qcare is a fully authorised to service Apple iPhones. We can repair iPhones from any network and it doesn’t matter where you bought your iPhone. For Out of Warranty battery replacements, please see the pricing table below. iphone screen repair near Parramatta All SP Mobile stores are independently operated and may not offer all of the repair and warranty types listed on this website. Contact your local store for their specific repair capabilities and warranty terms.

Getting a replacement screen fitted to your laptop is simple. qcare is trained to determine if your Apple TV can be repaired or replaced.
Stronger than any phone case, Fixpod offers the most reliable warranty on the market. Our best service & work ethics can be reflected with six pages of honest positive feedback on our Whirlpool page and hundreds of positive google reviews on our new Google Maps page.

After that, we give the logic board a short bath in high percentage isopropyl alcohol to evaporate the ultra-sonic cleaning solution as quickly as possible. Then we proceed to leave the board in a dehydrator, to fully dry out all liquids that may be still present. Once that is complete, we begin a full board-level analysis, utilising microscopes and other tools designated for logic board repair. These repairs usually come on the form of micro-soldering. From there we zoom out to the macro level, seeing if you need a new screen, battery, charge port, or other larger parts in order to get your phone back to 100%. So, Whether you have broken your device or got your device fallen into a bucket of water, just connect with us and get your device working like before in a very quick time period.
First off, NO PHONE IS WATERPROOF. They may be advertised as water “resistant”, but they are not waterproof. We’ve repaired too many iPhone 7’s, Galaxy S7’s, S8’s, and other phones and laptops with liquid damage to believe the phrase “water resistant” anymore. If the phone is still on, immediately turn it off if possible. If you leave a water-laced phone on or attempt to turn it on, it can, and most likely will, cause a short circuit and make the repair much more difficult, if not impossible. After that, do not put it in rice, as many click-bait websites will lead you to believe is the correct thing to do.
We are the most trusted repair specialists in the business who can help you with a wide range of iPhone Repair Parramatta services with which you can have your device working like brand-new again. All are professionals are experienced and qualified enough to help you have your phone working on the same day itself.

We guarantee our work & parts with up to 6 months warranty and a reasonable repair price. We specialise in highest quality mobile phone repairs at the lowest prices.
Bring your iPhone to us by 12 pm, and we 'll have it ready for pick up later that day. Same-day service is available for iPhone 6s or newer models. The answer to this question depends a lot on a couple of factors.

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