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Acquire the knowledge, skills and techniques needed as a professional in computer science. This Masters programme will particularly suit students who have completed a first degree in a computing subject, such as computer science or business computing. It will also suit graduates who have completed a numerate subject with a significant computing component, such as applied mathematics, engineering or physics. For further information on how we process your data, please refer to our Privacy Policy. We are dedicated to providing remarkable IT services that improves your performance, increases your productivity and protects you.
Our simulated hacks are key to safeguarding your computer systems, your data, and your customers’ data. CYBERSECURITY RECRUITMENT Our entry requirements provide a guide to the qualifications that you’ll need to study our courses.

Black box testing is the opposite of white box testing, where the tester analyses the internal working structure of software. The tester uses programming skills to engage specific data paths using input data at the code level to test for the expected output. White box tests can be performed in the early development stages of software in unit and integration testing. In most cases, software undergoes both white and black box testing in their life cycle. During pre-engagement, the scope of penetration is determined as well as the goals. Depending on the scope and client’s interests, we agree on the rules of engagement; this involves strategies of penetration and permitted areas of penetration testing, and allowable tools and assets.
However, there were suggestions that the available roles frameworks could be improved. For example, one interviewee felt that the NICE framework was overlong and impractical to use in recruitment.
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This would include looking for misconfigurations, weak passwords, unpatched software, open ports etc. that can lead to unauthorised access. 55% of organisations still see file sharing as the greatest threat to security.
The goal here is to protect your data and systems by not doing anything that could harm them, this will always be at the forefront of the penetration testers mind. The next phase in the project is a more specific and targeted approach, where we will take what we have learned about your networks and systems, focusing on the week areas and ultimately attempt to exploit them.
Our Packages start with CYBERSHIELD Defender which protects your endpoints, web browsing and software patching. Guardian adds advanced protection for office 365, Data and Azure network protections and Cloud App protection. OPERATIONAL TECHNOLOGY CYBER SECURITY REVIEW IT and OT infrastructures are rapidly converging. Historically isolated by “air gapping,” OT systems are now increasingly connected—sometimes to a greater extent than plant managers and industrial control engineers realise. AZURE CYBER SECURITY REVIEW Microsoft Azure is a cloud offering that provides infrastructure-as-a-service , platform-as-a-service and software-as-a-service solutions.

A data breach is when sensitive or critical information falls into the hands of a third party. To practice effective data loss prevention, you should also set out clear limits for when your digital information is “in motion”. Data loss prevention is made up of software and strategies that keep digital information secure throughout its entire lifecycle. Which means it monitors data, detects issues, and manages sensitive information; wherever your data is. From your supplier contact details to your customer information, through to your financial information and order history. Black box analysis refers to a system analytic method where the analyst has no prior knowledge or deliberately ignores the inner working of the software in terms of architecture, design, algorithms and lines of code.

ConnectDS work with SME organisations to provide robust and effective UK Penetration testing and Cyber Security in London and across the UK from our Surrey and London office locations. We recommend companies carry out at least one penetration test per year in order to secure their network perimeter and computer systems. Network penetration test costs are based on the scope of the assessment, let us know your requirements in our scoping form available here and we can provide you with an accurate cost aligning to your network assessment requirements. An ethical or ‘white-hat’ hacker is a security professional that uses their knowledge to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in computer systems in order to ethically disclose these to the relevant parties.
Another interviewee noted that the CIISec Roles Framework was more aligned to government roles than to commercial roles. They also felt that roles frameworks did not map well to qualifications, which also made it difficult to align job descriptions to specific qualifications. Some organisations noted that wage differentials by sector and between London and the rest of the UK exacerbated this gap. There were mentions of large IT companies and those in the finance sector being able to outbid other sectors. The issue of inflexible pay structures in the public sector also came up, with one public sector interviewee saying this stopped their organisation from offering the market rate. The vast majority (74%) of this group of firms are confident that they will replace the skills lost when these staff leave.

We utilise both off the shelf software and our proprietary IntaDash platform to track compliance and monitor systems in scope. Services that fall within this category are usually very intensive and are undertaken by our internationally qualified specialists and testing department. These categories loosely help us to understand whether your business requires compliance or practical Cyber Security services. Our objective is to ensure that Cyber Security is on everyone's agenda and to promote cyber awareness. As such we deliver training and offer solutions in a language that everyone can understand. They communicated the process clearly and managed the project professionally and thoroughly. Once the testing was completed they not only worked with us but with our technology partners to explain any issues or areas of weakness in context to ensure we were future proving our business.
Vulnerability scanning is a technique that Hackers rely on to apply pre-made exploits that can invoke higher levels of administrative ability to steal sensitive information or company data. By taking steps to address these vulnerabilities, your environment becomes more resistant to attacks. Network London applies advanced ethical hacking and social engineering techniques to help organisations identify weak points to create more resilience. We also prepare environments for higher-level certification, including cyber essentials pro, GDPR, and ISO27001. The only way to know if your security measures are working is to put your IT environment through a gauntlet of tests and create processes that actively keep track of vulnerabilities. We have been performing penetration tests for many years and there are many reasons why clients need testing. Also, we can advise on what needs to tested making your testing requirements simpler than originally planned.

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